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Longboard deska SECTOR9 Jacko Pro 33
Výrobce: Sector9
Rozměry: 33,25inch/84,5cm
Určení: downhill/freeride
Stará cena: 3750 Kčs DPH
Nová cena: 2999 Kčs DPH

SECTOR 9 Jacko Pro - longboard deska


Oi! Oi! Oi! Get straight to business with the updated Jacko Pro, which is now a few inches shorter from the past model. The classic Sector 9 race outline and aggressive concave work together to ensure you’ll be locked in and ready to rally from the moment you step on. Wheel flares in the front and rear act as natural foot-stops to keep your feet from unwanted movement, while the non-invasive W-concave towards the middle of the board adds rigidity. A short wheelbase race-rocket or a surfy feeling free-rider, rip your way through any situation on the Ripped Jacko Pro.
Tato deska je dodávána včetně gripu.

  • Délka: 33,25" x 84,5 cm
  • Šířka: 10" x 24,5 cm
  • Wheelbase: nastavitelný 24,25" x 61,6 cm / 26.25" x 66,7 cm 
  • Hmotnost: 1.910 gramů
  • Materiál: kanadský javor